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Insurer delays can be aggravating, especially when you are trying to run your business. If you are a business owner whose office had a leaky pipe, you may be dealing with mold related to the leak. Your insurance company may try to put you at fault for not installing timely leak detection or mold testing methods.

When you have filed your claim within the designated time frame in your insurance policy, but have still received no response from your insurer, you may not have the time and energy it takes to contend with delays.

Florida’s insurance industry is renowned for insurance companies shielding their profit margin when it comes to property damage claims. Property insurers often delay payment or minimize their costs by underpaying for your claim. When this happens, speak to an attorney before attempting to launch into a legal battle on your own.

Our attorneys at Grossman LeMontang De La Fuente, PLLC, provide full-scale legal advocacy for business owners with claims against insurers. We have comprehensive experience with property insurance claims and offer a practical approach for resolving complex insurance coverage disputes.

Premier Commercial Property Insurance Claim Advocacy

The state’s property insurance market issues thousands of policies in a highly regulated field of law. Your understanding of insurance law may not be as thorough as attorneys who focus on it every day.

Your commercial insurance policy differs from your homeowners insurance policy in several ways. Commercial policies usually include provisions for the operation of your business, products and several types of liability insurance. Your primary policy will have terms for paying for damages to your building and the contents; some policies include income coverage for covering lost revenue if your business has to close due to unforeseen damages. Business interruption coverage will require reports of actual income before and after the damage occurrence. If you are operating a home-based business, do not count on your homeowner insurance policy coverage for business purposes. Be sure to have a commercial insurance policy.

Depending on the type of business you operate, you may have several insured listed on the policy; you may also have commercial insurance covering multiple business locations.

We can help you navigate when you believe your insurance provider has breached the terms of your policy for claims involving:

  • Theft
  • Broken windows
  • Graffiti
  • Fire damage claims
  • Water pipe damage claims
  • Mold
  • Hurricanes, tropical storms
  • Wind damage

Our insurance attorneys can help to expedite your claim and ensure your right to the coverage you paid for is not minimized. In addition to commercial insurance matters, we handle insurance law and litigation as well as homeowners insurance disputes.

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