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Homeowners Insurance Disputes Are Not Easy To Solve On Your Own

Florida’s homeowners insurance companies guard their financial profit more than your financial losses. When you are contending with property insurance claims and obtaining payment under your policy agreement, the insurance industry frequently makes you jump through frustrating hoops to obtain payment for your claim, even when you are current with your property insurance premium. Payment delays, minimized payments or no payment at all frequently results in a legal battle you were not expecting.

Our lawyers are highly skilled in Florida’s complicated insurance laws as they relate to property damage claims such as:

  • Wind damage claims
  • Mold
  • Water pipe damage
  • Severe rain
  • Flood damage
  • Tropical storms, tornados or major hurricanes
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire

Resident consumers often find that trying to get payment from insurance companies without the help of an experienced insurance law attorney is an exasperating experience. Speak with one of our attorneys at Grossman & De La Fuente PLLC, for assistance.

Why Hire Grossman & De La Fuente PLLC, For Property Insurance Litigation?

Florida’s insurance laws relating to property insurance lawsuits are complex. Reporting your losses to your insurance company is subject to meticulous attention to the terms of your homeowners insurance policy. You will need to refer to your policy – and all the fine print within it – to be sure you are providing the requisite details within the given period. While most people will file a claim with their insurance companies right away, your policy’s deadlines are essential for a successful claim.

If you believe your insurer has underpaid your claim or refuses to pay for the insurance coverage they owe, or otherwise breaks from the terms of your policy, you may have a lawful right to file a lawsuit for breach of contract. You have up to five years from the date of the damage occurring to your home to file a lawsuit against your insurance company. Disputing a claim involves extra steps. Recent changes in the law call for giving notice to your insurer of your intent to file a lawsuit 10 days prior to filing, otherwise you risk losing your lawsuit in court.

You may have a right to reopen a claim after your insurer closes your claim to request additional money to pay for loss or damages if your claim was properly filed earlier. If you gave your insurer timely notice of damages, you may have a right to make a supplemental claim for expenses relating to completing the repairs. You will need to make this claim within two years of the damage occurrence.

Our attorneys aim to streamline the process for obtaining the full and fair insurance money you have a right to receive. We have deep insight into homeowner insurance lawsuits and years of hands-on experience with property insurance disputes. Our practical problem-solving skills include utilization of emerging technology to stay abreast of legislative and case law updates and explore all of your legal options so you can get your home back into the condition it should be in.

Get The Advantage Of Experienced Attorneys On Your Side

Homeowners insurance regulations are subject to constant revisions. From our offices in Key Biscayne, Coral Gables and Aventura, we serve clients with lawsuits over claims filed throughout South Florida. Contact GD Lawyers at 305-686-2703 or send us an email to put our comprehensive insurance law and litigation experience to work. We can also assist you with resolving your claims involving commercial property disputes. Our lawyers offer a free initial consultation in both English and Spanish.