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At Grossman & De La Fuente PLLC, we apply our years of courtroom experience and our deep understanding of the Florida business and legal communities to our clients’ family law, civil litigation and business law challenges.

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When you are in the middle of a difficult divorce or are facing a potential court battle, the quality of the legal advice you receive is critical. Good representation can save time, money and stress.

At our firm, Grossman & De La Fuente PLLC, we have more than 30 combined years of experience in numerous practice areas, including family law, business litigation and contract disputes. This prepares us to deliver exceptional legal counsel to you, no matter how complex your case is.

We’re committed to providing an open and accessible atmosphere in which honest communication is the norm. Deeply rooted in the Coral Gables community, we offer personal attention and a level of trial experience that sets us apart. We are attorney partners who are both fluent in Spanish, ensuring that we can assist a broad range of clients effectively.

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At our firm, we will tackle your legal matter with an approach tailored to your distinct needs. We will blend standard-setting attention to detail with cutting-edge technology to dissect every aspect of your case and devise a strategic plan.

We draw upon our experience in multiple intersecting areas of the law, including construction law, product liability, criminal defense and general civil litigation. This allows us to understand all the potential nuances of our clients’ cases. It has also sharpened our ability to create comprehensive solutions that meet our clients’ personal, family and business objectives.

The results our team have achieved speak for themselves. Bruno de la Fuente’s skill as a litigator has secured record jury awards in significant insurance claims. Our clients trust Kira Grossman – who has a background that includes work as a general counsel, assistant city attorney and policy adviser – to devise creative strategies for overcoming complex challenges.

Kira Grossman

Kira Grossman

Kira Grossman is a lawyer with a background in family law, collaborative law, commercial litigation, government affairs and complex legislative initiatives. She currently serves as general counsel at Sun Packing and is an attorney at Grossman & De La Fuente PLLC. Known for helping clients reach their goals, Kira is committed to resolving disputes and complex issues in an effective, diligent and professional manner.

Prior to joining us, Kira was a family law attorney for many years and later an assistant city attorney for the city of Miami and policy adviser for the Miami Parking Authority. She not only helps clients in court but also has successfully represented issues in front of the Florida Legislature and various city and county commissions. As a lawyer and former social worker, Kira realizes that it is important to give back to our community. She joined Voices For Children’s board of directors in 2012.

Juan Bruno De La Fuente

Juan Bruno de la Fuente began his legal career working for a sole practitioner in South Florida and assisted in the prosecution and defense of a wide variety of cases in both county court and circuit court. While there, Bruno primarily focused on workers’ compensation, product liability and criminal defense. The broad spectrum of cases that he successfully handled provided him with invaluable experience and allowed him to refine his litigation skills early on in his career.

Throughout his legal career, Bruno has handled hundreds of evidentiary hearings and litigated several civil cases to both jury and non-jury trials. Most notably, he was able to obtain what was at the time the highest jury award for damages in a Hurricane Wilma “First Notice of Loss” insurance claim. In addition to practicing primarily with our insurance litigation division, he also assists with our general litigation division, focusing on a variety of matters ranging from complex real estate disputes to construction litigation to homeowners associations and other commercial endeavors.

Juan Bruno De La Fuente

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