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Business and corporate litigation involving a wide range of contract disputes and complex corporate dissolution are not uncommon in Florida. At Grossman LeMontang De La Fuente, PLLC, our experienced attorneys have assisted multinational corporations save millions of dollars through our innovative and effective commercial litigation strategies. Not every matter subject to business litigation is going to end up on a long and drawn-out battle before a judge. Many aspects of business litigation are subject to an amicable solution. Our lawyers have the experience to enforce your rights both inside and outside the courtroom when disputes arise.

Business Dissolution In Florida

There are many reasons for a corporation’s shareholders and board of directors may lean into dissolving the business entity. They may simply decide they want to discontinue the business venture. Depending on the business structure, they may wish to terminate subsidiaries of the business that are not productive or never began. The retirement, illness, death or disability of a member of the board of directors may gesture toward dissolution as the best decision.

But what happens when not everyone agrees with a business decision about business operations? When conflict arises, complex business litigation may be the only way to solve a deadlock or dispute. At Grossman LeMontang De La Fuente, PLLC, our business litigation attorneys provide legal services and assistance to businesses engaging in business dissolution matters.

Legal Solutions For Breach Of Contracts

Your business contracts create agreements for fulfilling certain actions to operate your business. Depending on the nature of your contract, state and federal laws may regulate the terms of enforcing it when disputes arise.

A violation of the terms of the contract can occur when inferior quality or untimely performance happens. The law provides several remedies for material breach or immaterial breach of contracts. If you are contending with a lawsuit for breach of contract, consult with a business lawyer at Grossman LeMontang De La Fuente, PLLC. We will help you understand the full scope of your legal options for protecting the best interests of your business.

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