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Coral Gables Family Law And Divorce Advocacy

Coral Gables divorce lawyer Kira Grossman offers personalized attention for each client as she helps them create a strategy to stabilize their future when difficult family related disputes arise. Drawing from extensive experience inside and outside of Miami-Dade County courtrooms, Kira’s focus is assisting clients to achieve their goals. While she makes no guarantee of actual results, she has a well-established record of commitment to diligently resolve challenging family law disagreements effectively.

Speak with us at Grossman & De La Fuente PLLC in South Florida for legal advice and representation involving:

  • Divorce – From uncontested divorces to complicated divorces.
  • Division of assets and debts – Florida is an equitable distribution state; courts look to divide marital property equitably between spouses.
  • Alimony – Florida courts look to a number of factors such as length of marriage for determining whether to grant support via a lump sum payment or periodic payments following a divorce to either spouse.
  • Domestic violence – Orders of protection may be necessary to protect family members’ safety.
  • Child custody – Legal custody and physical custody arrangements are drawn up in a parenting plan. If parents can agree to a time-sharing schedule and decision-making process on behalf of their children, the court will approve it. If they cannot, the court will step in to address the factors relating decisions regarding the child’s physical care, schooling, health care, and social and emotional health.
  • Child support – Once the paternity of the child is established, Florida courts abide by a set formula for calculating child support based on the parent’s income and the time-sharing schedule; some exceptions may apply.

We also provide advocacy for post-judgment orders, prenuptial agreements and resolving divorce through collaborative law.

Guiding You Through The Divorce Process

If you have lived in Florida for six months or longer and you and your spouse agree to the terms of your divorce, you may be able to complete all the steps of your uncontested divorce or simplified dissolution of marriage in Florida without the help of a divorce lawyer. You can get the forms and instructions you need from the internet. Once filed, you will appear in family court with your final decree for the judge to sign. If you have children, you will need to complete a parenting course as well as make a determination for child custody and visitation arrangements, along with a child support order, prior to your court date.

Completing a divorce, even an amicable one, involves many moving parts. Many people find it difficult to align all the aspects of their divorce and make sense of the process amidst the emotional turmoil of separation or divorce. The uncertainty of how it is all going to come together in the future can cloud their best judgment. When there is an element of domestic violence, orders of protection may be necessary.

Our firm can help you put the pieces together. We focus on anticipating your future needs, protecting your rights to the equitable division of your assets and debts along with assisting you in formulating child custody and visitation arrangements in the best interests of your children.

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Complex family law issues and divorce disputes will disrupt your family’s balance, but working with an experienced family law attorney during divorce can help streamline the process so you can get back to your life. Call GD Lawyers at 305-686-2703 or send an email to schedule a consultation and speak with us about how we can help you. Se habla español.