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Forecasters are predicting an active hurricane season

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Insurance Law and Litigation

Weather forecasters are concerned that this year’s upcoming Atlantic hurricane season could resemble the record-setting 2005 and 2020 seasons.

Both years were high-water marks in terms of the number of hurricanes.

According to one major weather outlet, the reason for the concern is two-fold.

First, hurricanes require warm water, and the Atlantic Ocean has been unusually warm this year thus far.

Also, at least in the latter part of the year, the prevailing weather pattern is supposed to change and make the atmosphere more favorable to hurricanes developing. In addition to warm water, hurricanes also require favorable conditions in the upper atmosphere.

Of course, the prediction right now is only a prediction. Exactly how many storms develop may depend on if and when the atmosphere changes as forecasted.

Also, even if it does turn out to be an active year, how intense hurricanes will become, where they will develop and where they will strike are all open questions.

Still, residents of South Florida should start preparing now. Florida historically is highly prone to hurricane strikes given its shape and location.

Those in the greater Miami area should make sure they review their policies

Among other things, property owners can prepare for this season by reviewing their insurance policies and making sure they understand their coverages.

They should also update the policy now if they wish, as it may be too late to do so when a storm is bearing down.

Even with the best preparation though, after a storm hits the area, a property owner may wind up in a dispute over their coverages and claims.  It may be a good idea to develop a general legal strategy for dealing with an insurance dispute now.

The law does protect property owners from heavy-handed and improper tactics at the hands of insurance carriers.