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What can statistics tell us about divorce in Florida?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Family Law

Most of our readers in Florida have probably heard the old saying, which is almost thought of as “common knowledge” at this point, that half of all marriages in America end in divorce. But, is that really true? And what else can statistics tell us about marriage and divorce – both in Florida and throughout the country?

Divorce statistics revealed

According to a recent news article that compiled quite a few statistics about divorce in America and through the world in 2023, it is, in fact, true that half of all marriages in America do end in divorce. However, that actually only applies to first marriages though. According to the article, second or even third marriages end in divorce at a much higher rate. But, it is interesting to note that the statistics show that the overall divorce rate in America is declining. However, that can probably be attributed to the fact that the marriage rate is also declining.

In Florida specifically, the divorce rate is on the higher end among the 50 states. The recent article shows a divorce rate in Florida of 3.4 per 1,000 people. For reference, Nevada is the state with the highest divorce rate, at 4.2, while Massachusetts is the state with the lowest divorce rate, at 1.

So, the answer is still “yes” – divorce is quite common in America and in Florida in particular. If you are thinking about pursuing a divorce, you are not alone. However, each divorce case presents unique challenges. Be sure to get the right information about the divorce issues you will need to address and evaluate your best options for doing so.