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Wait, my insurance company can deny my claim?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Insurance Law and Litigation

A car crash is one of the quickest ways to destroy a wonderful day. However, one saving grace is that at least your own insurance company is there for you, right?

Unfortunately, you may be surprised to learn that your claim can be denied. There are several reasons why an insurance company may reject your claim, even if it has merit.

Reporting issues

One excuse that some insurance companies utilize to deny claims are reporting issues. This includes accusing you of not reporting the car accident in time or not providing enough information.

They may also claim that you have a history of filing fraudulent or excessive claims. Of course, what exactly qualifies as excessive is entirely subjective, and not honoring your claim only benefits them.

Policy misuse

Another common claim is that you misused your vehicle or violated the terms of your car insurance policy. This can be using your vehicle for an illegal activity like driving it while under the influence or without a valid license. It could also be racing the vehicle, or even sleeping in it (using the car as a dwelling).

This is not to say that these excuses have merit, only that these are some excuses insurance companies may use to deny claims.

Denials not final

Your claims adjuster wants you to believe that their decision is final. They want you to hear no and to move on. However, their decision is not final. You have the right to appeal their decision. You can request an appeal and review.